Douglas Maddy Welcome PageMagical services offered include:  Close Up, Stage Cabaret, Mind Control, Restaurants and Weddings Business EventsPrivate Parties


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Multi Award Winning Magician

Fully insured member of Equity

10 Years Experience


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    "I had the opportunity to work with Douglas on Watford Gap: The Musical for the BBC. I was extremely impressed by his magic skills. I would recommend him heartily."

    Q & A

    When do i need to book your services?
    When you are organising an event and you would like to make it more memorable

    How can you make my important event more memorable?
    By creating memorable moments of magic which will then become associated to your event!

    How much do you charge?
    My fee is dependant on a number of factors. For example:

  • Number of performances
  • Duration of performance
  • Time of the year/ day of the week
  • The occasion/ the destination
  • If you are shopping around, other magicians may charge anywhere between 50-5,000 depending on their experience, availability, services they offer and professionalism.

    Do you have any advice on booking a magician?
    The important thing when hiring anyone to do anything is trust. Trust in the person/company and their service/product. The trouble with magicians is that anyone can call themselves a magician, you don't need any qualifications!

    So Indicators of trust are a good sign. for example:

  • If you have seen them perform live and they were good
  • If they have testimonials from other clients which you can view
  • If they have any notoriety ie..awards, television appearances
  • And also are they insured? With equity or another company
  • There is a big difference knowing how something is done and being able to do it! and its another thing to be consistently good at what you do and reliable. Some magicians are not entertainers-their focus should be on getting people to enjoy themselves instead of trying to fool them.

    Are you a member of the magic circle?
    No, instead I'm a member of an elite group of international magicians called "the secret six"!

    How do you do it?
    If you are interested in learning magic please contact me to find out about teaching and training programmes that I offer.